Posted by: kookkhu | August 10, 2010

PayPal available to download payment application for smartphone Android.

PayPal launch an applications for the payment latest smart phone operating system Android by this version has added features ability to send money by phone was easy.

This new feature is similar to “bump technology” that PayPal had sent and the application Nation for the iPhone earlier this feature of the iPhone that are packed into the Andriod with is ability in calculation cost. food for each person. And reimburse those who have already paid it. With the ability of the latest features. Show that PayPal continues to expand in the mobile payment service continued. This will allow those customers turned to more, however, the smart phone operating system Android is being developed by different manufacturers vary a lot, including HTC Motorola and Samsung in the market research firm iSuppli. Revealed that out. Circulation Andriod smart phone in the future would soar the higher and may be absent ahead of iPhone. That is becoming popular at this time as well. One thing that drives sales of both the operating system is. Variety of applications Nation was created to support the work, such as PayPal, while application Nation lot to download for iPhone number applications Applications on Android MarKet the download. I stood up too quickly with the NPD Group reported that second quarter Android can beat you with Blackberry OS market and become a leader in smart phone operating in the United States. And the third to be the last operating system º Apple iOS.



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