Posted by: kookkhu | August 1, 2010

Microsoft working to ambush iPad.

Wonderful success and for the Taxi & Other equipment from portable camp on the latest Apple executives from the side, Microsoft has come out in general that Ambush are working hard. To develop a Taxi & Other devices that run some of its operating system.

The executive Steve Ballmer from Microsoft. Have recently said on Thursday the past. We are working on a project ambush giant new The output will be ready as soon as we have in general with the Ballmer to outline details of the Taxi & Other devices being developed in that As a result of development partners to work together. The development team did not act on itself. Which aims to develop Not just to send out the product only But exports to users who truly need it. He has more that “Microsoft has knowledge of the software’s very And intellectual property from the accumulated experience in the Taxi & Other business for more than 10 years, we hope to create new things to happen. And we’re doing it while speaking. We are working with partners in our hardware. And we will adjust it to be compatible with our Windows 7, the other to hear in this year that will be unveiled to the structures seen. And the Plan to the market next year.

Source: CNET.


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