Posted by: kookkhu | August 1, 2010

Japan launched a new robot capabilities and help find a drawing object.

White robot you look lovely this Chapit called to chat with the search dialog is placed on the wrong glasses on. Drawing aircraft Or play with children With a versatility makes it the attention of show attendees thousands of people in Tokyo.

The robot is able to answer simple questions and Humor to help relieve lonely for the elderly who are alone Kazuya Kitamura representative of the exhibition explains that the elderly in Japan, most often lived alone and rarely spoke. Talk to someone. Communication with robots will become friends and it will not feel bored if they hear traditional repeated as Robotics Chapit quite easy to use. And it seems to be of interest to those affiliates. Or researchers, many people like Kiyoshi Matsumoto Lecturer, University of Tokyo, trying to fight to help find sponsors for the project requires a lot of money Matsumoto who make the robot move, said the robot has installed cameras of four to investigate. handle objects of the user. It is designed to assist high without pressing. Simply use the control or Scroll wheel like the wheelchair. It can also help the elderly find glasses with sensors placed at the wrong Matsumoto has also concluded that We developed the robot out to become a human helper. But because it is expensive. Therefore, we do not have sponsors. If you produced robot is released. It is priced small cars of similar vehicles ever. And in this economy. I have a few companies willing to invest in projects that require a lot of money. Chapit your ability to not just out there. It can use the Internet to find pictures and drawing. To take care of children while parents are busy with work too. DiGRO you like robots ever won before this, it can play with children Replace parents with no time

Source: Reuters.


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