Posted by: kookkhu | August 1, 2010

Amazon readers more options to users titles. Snnrnrcr sold only 139 dollars.

Turn to more channels compete when Amazon announced the availability of readers of eBooks Kindle version updated by adding the option for users with the availability of readers titles for the Wi-Fi only with prices cheaper Kindle version. new area to read the same size 6 inches. But the machine has a smaller 21% weight only 8.7 oz can turn pages faster, 20% and is expected to have clarity over Reader eBooks other brands up to 50% of storage in 4GB or similar books. 3500 to book

The software of the computer’s time is updated Kindle have also installed successfully to Twitter and Facebook. With function usage dictionary that can save or highlight the critical. If users are unfamiliar with Kindle Do not worry. Because it will be worth with access to more than 630,000 book volumes and 1.8 million of copyrighted works. With a tool that allows users to access the iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, BlackBerry and Android through Whispersync and if you want to have audiobooks Kindle also install text-to-speech. To help with reading. For price model premium is 189 dollars with the use of Wi-Fi and 3G over the network AT & T’s free and alternative version of the small prices 139 dollars a cut feature used 3G the rest only. But Wi-Fi alone. Which will be delivered to customers around the world on 27 August, with both white and color LED light for the lead with a reading at night as well.

Source: techspot.


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