Posted by: kookkhu | July 30, 2010

Apple iPad being sued with a problem when the heat in the sun.

Gadget by most users usually already known that And allowing the electronic device sun Not a good idea. Recent examples of the problem and shows. When a user reports to the iPad. Taxi & Other devices have their own problems and thermal shut down when in use among the sun. The Bloomberg news agency has reported that Have a complaint has been filed to the court Apple center in northern California. United States on Friday last. The claim for compensation for damage caused by equipment problems iPad heat rapidly under normal weather conditions. The accused device iPad not the quality of consumer expectations as the spread of Apple, which was not the first time and the noise complaints from users to the problem of overheating in the iPad it on after the released iPad possible. No longer is the user group has some appeal to this same problem by Zach Honig PC Magazine Editor’s another issue. To post messages on bis Potter that iPad his when deployed outside the sun on warm weather in New York unexpectedly found that 10 minutes after the shutter: Mobile system with the message that iPad want the machine cool down before a user can use again by entering iPad Honig brought cool and brought back to work again a few minutes later. Besides this Also use the test and found that the machine will work when the temperature is between 32 to 95 º Lauren Hyde. And will be shut down. When temperatures rise to 113 degrees Fahrenheit emphasis Apple iPad still released with good sales all the time IPad that sold up to 3.3 million in the period April to June.
Source: CNET.


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