Posted by: kookkhu | July 27, 2010

How to adapt the Sufficiency Economy in our life?

          Traffic jams, social problems, criminal problems, theft and so on. All of them are the social issues which have to solve as quickly as it can be. As we have seen in our daily life-the criminal point is the main problem in our social. Why? If it occurs, we will see that the other issues will follow like links of chain. However everything can be solved or made better, but how can we do? To solve quickly solution, we must solve problems from the cause of them. Still, who or what are the causes of them? Finding the answer we can recognize ourselves- the human passions (desirability or aspiration in something that we can’t take them when we die, namely, money, honour and etc. Without any doubts, there is a good way that can relieve our problems in social- Sufficient Economy.

          The Sufficient Economy is set up by the King XI Bhumibol Adulyadej. I believe that no one has never heard about it. The Sufficient Economy is famous for its quality and effect. Why? It’s because every citizen-the poor, the rich, and the millionaire and so on should act what it tells. The Sufficient Economy is composed of three main things- sustainability, moderation and broad-based development. They are the most essential parts for the Sufficient Economy. First, the meaning of sustainability is to keep something as long as we can. Second, moderation is being pleased with what we have. And the last one, broad-based development is set up the protection before something bad happen. If we can practice as what I have written, we can be called that we have the way of the Sufficient Economy in our mind.

          I’ m a Thai student who have the King’s Sufficient Economy keep in my deep heart. I always perform the Sufficient Economy so as to do better duties, manage something wisely; improve my works every time and etc.

          First, the sustainability-for me I think I will adapt it by learning through my life. This method I have to learn knowledgeable things which can be benefit for me. The knowledgeable things have to be an enduring knowledge and also they can apply efficiently in my life. Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it.

          Second, the moderation- in my daily life I will get my allowance before coming to school everyday. During the day, I will manage my allowance by separating into 2 parts. First part I will take it to buy my lunch or snack. Second part I won’t spend it on anything, I will save it up. I will put it into my savings box everyday. When time passed, I will have much more money; therefore, I will count my gold or coin, and then take it to my account. The more we save up, the more we left in our account. If we can act as what I have done. The country’s problems which are about dept in every people can solve without any doubts. In contrast, if we said no to do it, I recognize that everyone knows what it will happen in the future. Next, I think the way we can help the country has many things, including, transportation. Nowadays, one of the problems which we have encountered with is the pollution-air pollution, sound pollution, and so on. The causes of them come from the people in the country. Therefore, the Sufficient Economy can help us. For instance; firstly, you can use public transportations-BTS, bus, van, subway, ship, instead of private vehicles. This way can help decreasing air pollution, sound pollution, traffic jams, and strain in users. If there aren’t all of them, people who use the public transportation will be happier resulting in the good health, on the other hand; it can help the country store some energy or some good environment and pollution so that we can use it when it is essential. Time is also important for us seeing that we waste time in doing useless things. If we think in the other way, time is the Sufficient Economy, too. So time is the vital thing which we have to manage systematically such as planning for the journey. Even if we aren’t care about it, but the value of it is so enormous. For example, every morning and every evening in rush hours, we long for taking a little time to work and go home. One way to figure out is laying out a trip before going out. We should set the schedule when we will leave, what we will do at the exact time or else to plan what time we will do our activities, doing homework, gardening, taking a bath, having a good time and etc. Or while we are traveling we should figure out whether way is the nearest or use only little time and fuel. This can help reserve an energy too. It is easy to spend time wisely than to earn a penny. Next is the important thing which we should do. It is the easy to say, but difficult to do. Whenever we have to do something we always look for a new gadget, though, there are many quite old equipments around us. From the Sufficient Economy, the King wrote that we should use things that can easily find in our house or village. Don’t be ambitious to find new things. We should use things around us as wisely as we can. To illustrate, I have many notebooks which don’t have good appearances or the first page as I wish, albeit, I should use them now that I don’t have to spend money on thing which I have. The more you can save up for this thing, the more you will have your money left. Or the other thing that the King always concern is about the resources as the King’s philosophy states that “resources and productions are for individual consumption, the excess of the consumption would be for sales.”[1] He concerns about over-consuming in food, fashion, beauty, gamble in his citizen. Therefore I recognize that we should consume useful food, less beauty, fashion and gamble. For instance; I have plants or herbs in my backyard, when it’s time to cook them, I will arrange them into two groups-first group is for cooking and second group is for selling. This way can help people to find an extra income easily.

          In fact, I confirm that the Sufficient Economy can help me in anyway. Everything can be the Sufficient Economy if we know how to apply or adapt them. If you want to know, you should do all above which I have written. And you will recognize what it is.  


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