Posted by: kookkhu | July 27, 2010

Facebook rods Statistics Top users already surpassed half a billion.

One of the surprising statistics to make their IT industry in recent years, this Last of you who do not continue on our Web site a social as Facebook can be up to the main mile and a half billion. And sales trends continue to increase the user continuously.
The Facebook team has come out this exciting announcement on Wednesday last. He said that Facebook now our Top Users have to apply and register for access worldwide to over 500 million people, and recent self. Facebook recently announced the launch of Apple applications that a Facebook Stories Go to commemorate the experience and connects people to create and share it via a network of Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg Executives young enthusiastic of Facebook. Has appeared on news programs of ABC World News on Wednesday night last. He said that When we began six years ago, I never imagine before that. Facebook will be accepted and the balance up to a user Zuckerberg has said on this blog that We have a Facebook application access to the 500 million people, but did not specify whether a user is who And where in the country. The Facebook is still growing very fast rate. Especially in regions of the world has never been influenced by this type of website before. That nearly half the previous year. Facebook just over 200 million miles that the primary has recently
Source: CNET.


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