Posted by: kookkhu | July 22, 2010

Samsung does not feel competitive. Production notebook hard disk with 1TB size ensure better performance.

After two competing manufacturers like Western Digital hard drive, and Toshiba have unveiled 1TB HDD to Samsung previously did not allow inferior competitors. By sending 1 TB hard drive size notebooks come out against him too. Hard disk is called the Spinpoint MT2 is 2.5 inches and height 12.5 mm, which is generally thicker than notebook hard disk with a height of only 9.5 mm only. Looks the same hard drive but other online special where that It can be installed on any PC, notebook replacement. Have an external hard drive box. And can be used in home entertainment with little area.

Samsung also said to feature this version of the hard disk that Can read and write speed up to 20% and power consumption of less than 4% compared to the hard disk of a rotating disk to 5400 competitors around 8MB buffer to connect via SATA3.0Gb / s hard drive version is available in both size and 1TB. 750GB is currently the undisclosed sale price.


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