Posted by: kookkhu | July 20, 2010

Tak Pha Buddha Footprints

The footprints are located on the top of a small hill in the area of Tambon Makok, Amphoe Pa Sang, 16 kms. from the township area. The legend says that Lord Buddha left his footprints during his visit to that locality for Lawa tribal people to pay their homages to in lieu of he himself. He also dried his suffron robe on the cliff where one, at present, can see a mark like a piece of suffron robe being dried there thus originating the name of Tak Pha Buddha Footprints or Drying Suffron Robe Buddha Footprints. Annual celebration takes place on the eight day of warming moon of the sixth lunar month of every year when inhabitants of Lamphun and neighbouring provinces flock to the annual fair.


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