Posted by: kookkhu | July 19, 2010

Tusita Resort & Spa

Tusita Resort & Spa (means Heaven in Thai) can be categorized as the heaven of Chumphon Province. The resort was established for increasing the tourism authority of Chumphon. Tusita Resort & Spa is a boutique style resort, including seaside villa “Tusita @ The Beach” and “117 @ Sea Luxury Home Stay“, which located at nearby area. The accommodations are adorned by comfortable different luxury ways and full of privacy.

The garden segment of Tusita Resort & Spa, the area and walkways were surrounded by many types of trees and plants. In addition, all Resak tembaka wooden walkways are used to connect all the accommodations which seem symbolized and strong. The houses and walkways are level up from the ground that can increase a feeling of getting to heaven. The swimming pool is settling at the center which can freshen up the whole resort. At night light from candles all along the walkways will increase the romantic scenery.

Tusita @ The Beach focuses on the sea view rooms which are similar to a villa by the Mediterranean Sea. Flashy colorful interior design suited for Tusita @ The Beach’s concept to be a party club for all guests in addition with a small outdoor swimming pool along the beach. Moreover, each room can view a gulf of Thailand and Mu Koh Chumphon National Park.

117@ Sea Luxury Home Stay, has the most privacy that extends to the beach. This home stay focuses on privacy with local life style and it is bounded by nature. The decoration is simple with well-equipment.


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