Posted by: kookkhu | July 19, 2010

Sufficiency Economy and the New Theory of His Majesty.

Sufficiency economy theory and practice of a new approach to development that led to the ability to self-level at a different stage. By reducing the risks associated with natural variability.Or changes of factors based on the moderation and reasonableness. Immunization with a good knowledge perseverance and patience consciousness and intelligence to help each other. And harmony.
Sufficiency Economy has broad new economic theory than sufficient to indicate a framework of principles and practices of the new theory while His Majesty with a new theory or New Theory. Guidelines for the development of agriculture as a step that Is an example of the principle of sufficiency economy in practice The only concrete in the appropriate locations.
New Theory of His Majesty. May be compared with the main economic sufficiency, which is two basic types are as follows progress.
Sufficiency in individuals and families, especially farmers. The basic economic sufficiency.Compared with a theoretical new step aimed at solving problems of farmers in distant water sources. Depends on rainfall and the risk of having the water is not sufficient Even for rice for consumption. And the assumption that Have enough land to dig a pond in order to solve the problem of water risks. Rice farmers can make to sustain the level of consumption is. Land and other parts of the basic family needs. And sell the rest to the revenue will be used as another expense that can not produce your own. All this is in the immune system to occur in families.
However, even in theory, it needs a new step that farmers must receive assistance from private foundations and government communities as appropriate.
Sufficiency in community and economic enterprise is advanced enough. This comprehensive new theory of Step 2 is to encourage farmers joining forces in a group or cooperative Or business combination in different styles enterprise network.
That is, when each family member or other organizations have sufficient basic is basic and will group together to work together to benefit others and the group on the basis of non-violence together. Help each other by sharing power and ability that they can make. Community as a whole enterprise or network that the adequacy of practices truly
Sufficiency in the country. Is sufficient for economic advancement. Covering new theoretical Step 3, which promotes community or enterprise network collaborates with other organizations in large companies such as Bank Institute.
Networking and cooperation like this will be useful for intellectual heritage. Exchange technical knowledge and lessons from development. Or co-develop. According to economic sufficiency. The larger society in which communities and businesses which include various lifestyle becomes sufficiently self-sufficient community networks linked with major Not encroach share and help each other eventually.


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