Posted by: kookkhu | July 19, 2010

Sufficiency economy

The main goal is to create a learning network. The sufficiency economy principles to the concept. The guidelines. He is also a part of life of Thai people in all sectors.
The objective of the drive to create the correct understanding. Doctrinal sufficiency economy can bring people to the public Teuk’s philosophy. Application to be properly And cultivating paradigm shift to life on the basis of sufficiency economy.
And led to the realignment of the development based on sufficiency economy.
Sufficiency economy. Empowerment is a possibility that Thailand can develop steadily, under globalization. Emphasis on creating economic and social foundation to maintain a balance of strong capital and resources in various dimension and adapt with the changes to the various tricks. And led to the American University of the Thai people happy evening.
Driving is a style of power network and mobilize all sectors of the network is divided into two groups support the basic goals are. • a network of civil society and community. • private business networks. In addition to a network of missions, including support. • Knowledge networks. • Create a network learning process. • network news report.
The drive has three core levels are advisory experts. Sufficiency Economy Drive Committee.Group work and self-sufficient economy in the NESDB, which is working to drive the unit and the results presented to King Bhumibol Adulyadej. On the occasion of the auspicious anniversary 80 years anniversary session in December 2550. 


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