Posted by: kookkhu | July 19, 2010

Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy.

 The main consideration in five sections.• a philosophical framework that guides the lives and behave in a way that ought to be based from the traditional lifestyle of Thai society. Applied to a vehicle available at all times. And a systematic look at the world that is changing all the time. Focused on the escape from danger and crisis to stability and sustainability of development. • Feature Sufficiency Economy can be applied to their practice at all levels. Practice focused on the middle path. And in the development process. • Definition of sufficiency must include the following three features simultaneously. • The moderation means that not just too little and not too much violence without themselves and others Such as production and consumption in the moderate level. • a reasonable means to decide on the level of sufficiency. Must be rationally based on relevant concepts, as well as taking into account the expected actions arising from them carefully. • The immunity well in the means ready for the impact and changes in various happens with regard to the possibility of the situation that is expected to occur in the future, both near and far.• Policy decisions and implementation activities to the level sufficient that Requires both knowledge. And moral basis that is • Terms of knowledge includes technical knowledge about the various sides involved. Caution that the knowledge they considered the joint To engage in planning And carefully follow the steps. • Terms moral The building will include Are aware of the moral They are honest and have patience with perseverance in the sense of life. • Conduct / results are expected to receive The implementation of the sufficiency economy philosophy applied is a balanced and sustainable development. With the changes in all aspects.Economic, social and environmental knowledge and technology.


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