Posted by: kookkhu | July 19, 2010

Keeree ele’ Hotel, Trat

With the independent idea of “Khun Rong”, the owner, Keeree ele’ was designed to make holiday difference from only daily life. The hotel is decorated in the style a ‘Hip Asia Hotel’ which started from exterior to interior by selected unique color style, instance yellow building or red bedroom, to make your holiday colorful and delightful.

Joyful and Imagination of Keeree ele’ with unique Mixed and Matched style, the design hotel, could not be defined by only a word. The yellow mustard of the building is softening by white color to partition each level of the 4-storey building. Free-form white lamps are leading eyes like a perspective picture to the carpet tile pathway from at front to the lobby while a big unique black & red chandelier, 7-level hexagon Chinese style, welcomes guests on the high ceiling at the main foyer. As Two Sweetie L-shape sofas, on 2 sides of lobby, are outstanding by no leaf tree painting which coloring by red, purple and yellow flowers together with little birds till could not miss to take a photo. Turn back to the reception; a blue elephant is shaking his trunk and standing as a mascot to represents the concept of Keeree ele’, energetic, confident, lively, stylish and liberal.


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