Posted by: kookkhu | July 19, 2010

Four Seasons Place, Chonburi

Expect The Unexpected
Art of living has been an elaborate trait of human civilization since ancient time. No matter how the new era is defined by digital communication and sophisticated facilities, man desires a revival of art and culture to fulfill their art of living with a temporary void of modernity and technology
Livelihood of urbanism in Pattaya is identical to what we recognize metropolitan life in Bangkok. This familiarity seems no more myth if you step to discover The Four Seasons Place Hotel situated in the heart of Pattaya city. The name itself would remind you of a renowned classic piece of violin concerto called The Four Seasons composed by Antonio Vivaldi,;a reputable Italian composer in Baroque era. In fact, The Four Seasons Place Hotel derives its name from 4 goddesses from Greek mythology.
As a holy secret message, such divine inspiration would bless a merry relaxation to all dear guests.
Your first step to The Four Seasons Place Hotel is a serenade of piano music box as a welcome host. Guests will later get stunned by artistic extravagance of Renaissance in 14th-16th century recognized as a distinguished revival of Greek-Roman art and a transitional period of Middle Ages and western modern eras. Each spacious room with 60-142 meters of area is adorned with elaborate decoration full of artistic passion. Every single piece of furniture and decorative items are all well-selected and epitomize a subtle mélange of esthetic and classic art of decoration in western civilization. Such pleasurable sensation due to its overwhelming extravagant adornment absolutely ensures the concept “Expect The Unexpected”


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