Posted by: kookkhu | July 19, 2010

Baan Rabiang Dao Garden & Resort, Nakhon Ratchasima

Discover ‘Barge pavilion on the hill’ defined in Rabiang Dao Garden & Resort
Remarkably elevated on 300-feet sea level, Rabiang Dao Garden & Resort or so-called “Barge pavilion on the hill” is inspired by strong passion in Thai traditional lifestyles. In fact, Barge known as an ancient mode of transportation playing a vital role in occupational aspect of life. A long balcony-like passage connecting each barge stands alongside the vast backdrop of mountainous landscape. The line of balcony depicts a true definition of “Barge Pavilion on the hill” and also represents a mimic scene of traditional marketplace along the canal.

All 8 wooden barges currently applied to function as accommodation once set sail yet still remain in good condition up to the present time. The barges exemplify a meticulous combination between esthetics and function. Wood is used as a major component of interior design inside each barge and detached house. Wood decorative items mainly used in each unit are, for example, woodwork on the wall, and window frames decorated by Thai mythological figures. Besides, other natural materials include OTOP products such as paper mache decorative items, hangers, and bedding. To put it simply, design and interior decoration is an obvious illustration of Thai lifestyle and awareness on local intelligence adopted as a philosophy profuse in Rabiang Dao Garden & Resort.


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