Posted by: kookkhu | July 19, 2010

AMD had revenues above expectations in the past quarter.

Advanced Micro Devices or AMD chip processing agents. Have recently reported earnings for the year’s second quarter profit was better than expected. Which would result from the needs of notebook computers increased. Resulting in chip processing needs increase accordingly. 

On Thursday, the last representatives of AMD have recently reported that In the second quarter of 2010 to a net loss. 43 million U.S. dollars per share, or approximately 6 St only The total revenue is at 1.65 billion U.S. dollars. An increase from 1.18 billion U.S. dollars last year by the Non-GAAP income or income than in the general account. 83 million U.S. dollars per share or 11 St, previously analyzed Wall Street took that. AMD is in the second quarter revenue would fall to 6 St per share net income or address. 1.54 billion U.S. dollars by representatives from AMD has also added that Why is this likely to result from increased demand for computer which is itself an important competitor Intel.


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