Posted by: kookkhu | July 15, 2010

History of Wat Chiang Mun

Built during 1269 – 1297 A.D. by PHYA MUNGRAI, WAT CHIANG MUN was the first royal temple built in the vicinity to Chiangmai’s ancient city, on the
former WIANG CHIANG MUN Palace donated by PHYA MUNGRAI the temple
instores several valuable hitorical artifacts, The most significant are
the white quartz buddha image of “PHRA SETANGKAMANEE” or “PHRA KAEWKHAO” in Lanna style which PHYA MUNGRAI brought from HARIPHUNCHAI and also a stone buddha statue in the posture of sub-during the elephant “NALAKIRI”, carved by craftsmen of the Pala School.
Another priceless artifact is a stone inscription written in 1581 A.D.
which records the histories of WAT CHIANG MUN and the city of Chiangmai
the 700 years old “CHANG LOM” or elephant-surrounded stupa is the
oldest and most significant stupa withen the temple compounds.


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