Posted by: kookkhu | May 24, 2010

Local economic recovery begins as Pattaya Curfew is lifted

On Friday Night at 9pm on every national TV Station an announcement was made in Thai that the Prime Minister, Khun Abhisit, had signed an order to lift the curfew in place in the Pattaya area with immediate effect. The Pattaya One News website was the first to report the news at 7.30pm and led to scenes of panic by shop and bar owners who frantically contacted their staff so they could re-open as normal on Friday Night. Shortly after the announcement on Thai TV, a press conference was held on Walking Street in South Pattaya by Police Colonel Nantawoot, the Pattaya Police Chief and Khun Itipon, the Mayor of Pattaya who announced the lifting of the curfew which occurred after lengthy discussions in a secret meeting at Pattaya City Hall earlier on Friday. The Pattaya Mayor had received many complaints from local business owners and contacted the CRES (Center for the Resolution of the Emergency Situation) through the Governor of Chonburi, Khun Saenee. Following consultation with the Thai Army, Police Lieutenant General Asawin, the Region 2 Police Commander announced the lifting of the curfew, just after 7pm with the official announcement coming 2 hours later. We can report that many businesses remained closed but many of the bars in the South Pattaya area opened as usual. As a condition of lifting the curfew in Pattaya, heightened security measures were put into place with 7 main Police checkpoints being set-up at all entry roads into downtown Pattaya. We can report that nothing untoward was found during the evening. It is hoped now that Pattaya can begin to return to normal and for the rest of the weekend all businesses should be open as normal, although the checkpoints will remain in force. On Saturday, we spoke with Khun Tanaert, from the board of Directors at the Rawintra Resort and Spa located in Jomtien who informed us that only 15% of rooms were occupied at the Resort and he does not expect the situation to return to normal until next year.
With reports that the Red Shirts may mobilize an underground resistance force and may begin demonstrations in Bangkok next month, the Tourism Industry here in Pattaya looks as if it is in for a bumpy ride over the coming months.


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