Posted by: kookkhu | March 13, 2010

Pai Hotspring Spa Resort Mae Hong Son

Maehongson Thailand’s northern border city hiding itself in between the towering mountains with densely forested slopes, stretching to the Burmese border. The little town of Maehongson gives you something different from other cities in the North. The small town of Pai lies at a distance of 135 kms from Chiang Mai and 111 kms from Maehongson. Nestles in a beautiful valley and with many places of interest for the tourist to visit, Pai should definitely be included on the travel itinerary of every visitor to the province of Maehongson. Pai Hotsprings is part of a national park just 8 kms south of Pai. There is a stream running through the hot springs. Renowned for their therapeutic qualities, The Pai Hot Springs pools are almost certainly the best quality in Pai. Sharing many gifts of healing mineral hot spring spa with you, Pai Hot Springs Spa Resort is guests, is only the beginning of the journey into renewal and relaxation that you will experience during your stay with us. Because we believe in taking time to enjoy life and to re-charge our often worn out batteries, we have created an environment where you can be as active (or as still) as you would like to be. Your choices range from a wide array of recreational experiences to the sensual delights of fine dinning in our gourmet restaurant, soaking pool or all of the above!


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