Posted by: kookkhu | March 13, 2010

Nimmanhemin Road, Chiang Mai

Nimmanhemin Road, Chiang Mai Premium Shopping Street
Located more or less half-way between the old city moats to the east and Chiang Mai University to the west, Nimmanhemin Road is the most hip, diverse and trendy shopping street of Chiang Mai offers you an entirely new experience of dining, shopping and entertainment because there are many luxury small boutique shops with interesting and imaginative shop fronts, art galleries, beauty salons and hip restaurants and pubs to serve you all day and night. Indeed, it is a premium treat for guests staying at Amari Rincome Hotel Chiang Mai.
The street has its own definitive character which takes its name from one of Chiang Mai’s most prestigious families – the Nimmanhaemindas, who once owned much of the land that the area now encompasses and many locals call it “High Sol Street“ – a place for the rich and famous. The area was developed in the early seventies, shortly after the establishment of the University of Chiang Mai, and many of the houses reflect the architectural vogue of the time with single-plane angled roofs, loft style ceilings and red-faced brick finishing. Houses here change hands for no less than eight figures and a Nimmanhemin address is as good as a Volvo or Mecerdes in the status stakes. The most expensive and premium district in Chiang Mai province!
A step away from the Amari Rincome Hotel is Nimmanhemin Soi 1, a relative short dead-end lane (cul-de-sac) . Both sides of the lane is lined with boutique shops selling art and décor as well as beauty salon and a gallery. The Nimminhemin Arts and Design festival hosted by Gongdee Gallery in early December has attracted many locals, expatriates and tourists to party and shop their hearts out at the annual event.
If you are interested in night life and want a downtown location, the famous Monkey Club is located on Nimmanhemin Road. As time goes by, the shops here are beginning to spill over into adjacent sois turning Nimmanhemin Road into Chiang Mai’s most prestigious shopping street.


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