Posted by: kookkhu | March 13, 2010

Grand Cabana Resort Koh Chang

Located on the Eastern tip of Koh Chang Island, there is a very special place called Grand Cabana. Here a unique landscape fronts the secluded beach and ocean on one side and is surrounded by green hills on the other side. The large coconut grove planted generations ago, the secluded beach which had no name on any maps; all these until recently were some of the best kept secrets of Koh Chang. It is this unique environment that makes Grand Cabana Resort so exclusive and exotic. Grand Cabana Resort itself is situated on a hilltop, commanding panoramic views of the Gulf of Thailand with it’s clear blue water and it’s many small islands. The beach, unlike many other hotels, is well protected from rough seas during the monsoon period from April until October and therefore safe for swimming all year round. As an environmentally responsible hotel, Grand Cabana is committed to providing guests with a quality experience while maintaining policy of respect for nature and surroundings at the same time. At Grand Cabana Resort, almost every household at the local village is somehow represented or knows a relative working here. “We think this is reflected in our warm and genuine service.”


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