Posted by: kookkhu | March 10, 2010

Amari Rincome Hotel Chiang Mai

Your Gateway to Vibrant Lanna Culture Experience the splendour of Lanna culture and the natural beauty of Northern Thailand right at Amari Rincome’s doorstep. Once a capital of the ancient Northern Thai kingdom known as Lanna, Chiang Mai is home to a distinctive culture rich with its own language, arts, crafts and architectural heritage. Here on vibrant Nimmanhaeminda Road, you will discover a multitude of opportunities to encounter both the Lanna of yesterday and today, at the nearby art galleries, handicraft boutiques, antique shops as well as laid-back open-air restaurants and trendy bars and cafés.Upon entering the hotel, the warmth of Thailand’s hospitable Northern culture welcomes you through the gracious service of the hotel staff. Your room, overlooking the garden courtyard or Doi Suthep temple’s golden peak, is elegantly outfitted in a contemporary Lanna style. The landscaped outdoor pool provides a refreshing place to unwind in the shade during the day, while in the evening, it serves as a serene backdrop for enjoying Lanna cuisine in the traditional Khan Toke style. Explore the many wonders of Chiang Mai and its Lanna heritage at Amari Rincome.


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