Posted by: kookkhu | April 24, 2009

Study Visit and Business Leisure Tour

The Study Visit and Business and Leisure Tour is the perfect ways to explore beautiful tourist destinations while learning about the culture of Thailand and how to do business there.
This is the concept of “the educational tour” providing travelers with opportunities to visit tourist as well as business destinations. In this way, you will have a good time while learning about the vital aspects required of running a business in Thailand and about the communities you visit and the people’s lifestyles.
Travelers will be accompanied by a knowledgeable and professional guide on every trip, who will provide them with valuable information along the way. Together with other travelers from all over the world (we welcome tourists worldwide), this will be an excellent opportunity to share priceless ideas and experience as you enjoy yourselves during this unforgettable journey.
Each program includes:
•Visits to factories, real estate projects, golf courses, industrial estates and other business activities. These will provide you with an understanding of the lifestyles and culture of the local communities you visit, as well as with ideas for investment and your own business opportunities. You will also learn about how foreigners working in Thailand live and about investors’ popular resort and hotel sites.
•Visits to various important tourist destinations, featuring fun and exciting activities throughout the trip that will make you relax and enjoy your trip even more.
This program is part of a special professional service of the Thai Appraisal Foundation in order to respond to the urge from the Tourism Authority of Thailand to provide services to tourists worldwide so that they can travel to and around Thailand. Benefiting from the program will be tourists cum investors who are interested in real estate developments of all types nationwide. They will be immersed in an in-depth educational visit to the various business projects involved, and in discussions with developers, mayors, public authorities, property professionals and leaders of real estate associations.
Available are two programs as follows:

Program 1: Visit to Bangkok 3 days 3 nights = 750 US

Program 2: Visit to Bangkok & Pattaya 5 days 5 nights = 1,200 US
This fee includes lunches at restaurants, accommodations with breakfast, a coach bus, entrance to tourist destinations and, if applicable, coach bus to Pattaya City. THIS FEE DOES NOT INCLUDE FLIGHT EXPENSES. Requirement of one person occupying a hotel room will be charged 135 USD (3 nights) for program 1 and 225 USD (5 nights) for program 2.


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